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A big thank you to the kind people in my life

A recent episode in office made me realize how much we take kindness and politeness for granted. It is definitely easier to be rude and malicious than to reach out to complete strangers and be nice to them.


Thank you all! (I hope this reaches those who have been so nice to me)


Mirror Mirror on the wall!

I don’t think I need you at all 😉


I take around 5 minutes to get ready. No, that’s not true. It should be ‘exactly’ five minutes! 3 minutes to dress up and 2 minutes to comb, apply kajal and some lipgloss, and I am ready to face the day ahead! And amidst all this, I glance at the mirror just once – to apply the kajal. Call it time-constraint or my callousness, but I have stopped caring about how I look, as long as I feel these basic rituals are done. 


Good or bad? Well! Who cares?! 🙂


Oh I so hate conflicts! Especially at work!

So here is this guy – rude, obnoxious, highly emotional, volatile, egoist ! With a little more work experience than me. Trying to take over the team we so lovingly built from scratch (Did I tell you that I am working for a startup?!) He comes in one fine day, tries to change the existing processes which, btw, are working fine. I protest. I tell that this is not for the better. And for us to be able to be receptive of his wild ideas, he has to first be receptive to our culture.

That reminds me – having a bad colleague is like being in a bad marriage. It may cause permanent damage to one’s emotional health!

Anyways, I have given myself (and him) one week’s time. If things don’t improve then we have to take some concrete step. Ahh! so good to hear these words coming from a timid, docile and submissive person like myself!

Moving on..

One may move on with life after facing a traumatic event, but can the memories be erased?

What does moving on mean? Does it mean you don’t get affected at all? Or does it imply that you have just become strong enough to endure the pain. The pace with which you move on post every such event is the pace of your life.