Oh I so hate conflicts! Especially at work!

So here is this guy – rude, obnoxious, highly emotional, volatile, egoist ! With a little more work experience than me. Trying to take over the team we so lovingly built from scratch (Did I tell you that I am working for a startup?!) He comes in one fine day, tries to change the existing processes which, btw, are working fine. I protest. I tell that this is not for the better. And for us to be able to be receptive of his wild ideas, he has to first be receptive to our culture.

That reminds me – having a bad colleague is like being in a bad marriage. It may cause permanent damage to one’s emotional health!

Anyways, I have given myself (and him) one week’s time. If things don’t improve then we have to take some concrete step. Ahh! so good to hear these words coming from a timid, docile and submissive person like myself!


2 thoughts on “Conflicts!”

  1. That is bad.. thankfully I look so ugly that no one wants to cross my way I am blessed that way πŸ™‚

    but I can understand one spends so many hours at work and if that is uncomfortable it becomes sad

    all the best with it all ..


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